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The naturalist, individualist and politic doctrine of Lao-tse exhibited in 81 poetic and obscure texts. Tr. Waley (en), Lau (en), Julien (fr) and Wilhelm (de).

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Daodejing II. 45.

Section De – Chapter XLV

What is most perfect seems to have something missing;
Yet its use is unimpaired.
What is most full seems empty;
Yet its use will never fail.
What is most straight seems crooked;
The greatest skill seems like clumsiness,
The greatest eloquence like stuttering.
Movement overcomes cold;
But staying still overcomes heat.
So he by his limpid calm
Puts right everything under heaven.

Waley 45

最圆满的, 似有缺陷, 但它用而不坏; 最充盈的, 似是空虚, 但它用而不竭; 最正直的, 似有弯曲; 最灵巧的, 似是笨拙; 最善辩的, 似口讷。清静胜躁动, 寒凉克酷热, 清静为天下之本。


Great perfection seems chipped,
Yet use will not wear it out;
Great fullness seems empty,
Yet use will not drain it;
Great straightness seems bent;
Great skill seems awkward;
Great eloquence seems tongue-tied.

Restlessness overcomes cold;
Stillness overcomes heat.

Limpid and still,
One can be a leader in the empire.

Lau 45

(Le Saint) est grandement parfait, et il paraît plein d'imperfections ; ses ressources ne s'usent point.
Il est grandement plein, et il paraît vide ; ses ressources ne s'épuisent point.
Il est grandement droit, et il semble manquer de rectitude.
Il est grandement ingénieux, et il paraît stupide.
Il est grandement disert, et il paraît bègue.
Le mouvement triomphe du froid ; le repos triomphe de la chaleur.
Celui qui est pur et tranquille devient le modèle de l'univers.

Julien 45

Große Vollendung muß wie unzulänglich erscheinen,
so wird sie unendlich in ihres Wirkung.
Große Fülle muß wie strömend erscheinen,
so wird sie unerschöpflich in ihrer Wirkung.
Große Geradheit muß wie krumm erscheinen.
Große Begabung muß wie dumm erscheinen.
Große Beredsamkeit muß wie stumm erscheinen.
Bewegung überwindet die Kälte.
Stille überwindet die Hitze.
Reinheit und Stille sind der Welt Richtmaß.

Wilhelm 45

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