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The Master discusses with his disciples and unveil his preoccupations with society. Tr. Legge (en), Lau (en) and Couvreur (fr).

Lunyu II. 10. (26)

How to determine the characters of men.
1. The Master said, "See what a man does.
2. "Mark his motives.
3. "Examine in what things he rests.
4. "How can a man conceal his character? How can a man conceal his character?"

Legge II.10.

The Master said, 'Look at the means a man employs, observe the path he takes and examine where he feels at home. In what way is a man's true character hidden from view? In what way is a man's true character hidden from view?'

Lau [2:10]

Le Maître dit : « Si l'on considère pourquoi et comment un homme agit, si l'on examine ce qui l'apaise, pourra-t-il cacher ce qu'il est ? »

Couvreur II.10.

Suatu pepatah 'Melihat dirinya seperti apa adanya, mengamati dirinya seperti apa semangatnya, periksa dirinya seperti apa keamanannya, bagaimana seseorang ada kepastian bisa bertahan hidup sampai tua, bagaimana seseorang ada kepastian bisa bertahan hidup sampai tua'.
Sugiar Yao – 2009/12/01
10. a. Nabi bersabda : "Tiliklah latar belakang perbuatannya".
b. "Lihatlah bagaimana ia akan mewujudkannya".
c. "Dan selidikilah kesenangannya".
d. "Dengan demikian, bagaimana orang dapat menyembunyikan sifat-sifatnya ?"
Matakin-Indonesia – 2008/12/07
in the last two lines we should have sou1 (be concealed) not sou3 (old person) — Y. R.
Anon. – 2006/12/09
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