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The Master discusses with his disciples and unveil his preoccupations with society. Tr. Legge (en), Lau (en) and Couvreur (fr).

Lunyu XV. 2. (393)

[...] In the midst of distress, he shows the disciples how the superior man is above distress.[...] 2. When he was in Chan, their provisions were exhausted, and his followers became so ill that they were unable to rise.
3. Tsze-lû, with evident dissatisfaction, said, "Has the superior man likewise to endure in this way?" The Master said, "The superior man may indeed have to endure want, but the mean man, when he is in want, gives way to unbridled license."

Legge XV.1.

In Ch'en when provisions ran out the followers' had become so weak that none of them could rise to their feet. Tzu-lu, with resentment written all over his face, said, 'Are there times when even gentlemen are brought to such extreme straits?' The Master said, 'It comes as no surprise to the gentleman to find himself in extreme straits. The small man finding himself in extreme straits would throw over all restraint.'

Lau [15:2]

[...] Dans la principauté de Tch'enn, les vivres lui manquèrent1. Ses compagnons étaient affaiblis par la faim ; aucun d'eux n'avait plus la force de se lever. Tzeu lou indigné se présenta devant lui et dit : « L'homme honorable est-il aussi exposé à manquer de tout ? – L'homme honorable, répondit le Maître, demeure constant et courageux dans la détresse. L'homme de peu, dans la détresse, ne connaît plus aucune loi. »

1. Il fut assiégé durant sept jours, par ordre du prince.

Couvreur XV.1.

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