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The Master discusses with his disciples and unveil his preoccupations with society. Tr. Legge (en), Lau (en) and Couvreur (fr).

Lunyu XVII. 16. (463)

The defects of former times become vices in the time of Confucius.
1. The Master said, "Anciently, men had three failings, which now perhaps are not to be found.
2. "The high-mindedness of antiquity showed itself in a disregard of small things; the high-mindedness of the present day shows itself in wild license. The stern dignity of antiquity showed itself in grave reserve; the stern dignity of the present day shows itself in quarrelsome perverseness. The stupidity of antiquity showed itself in straightforwardness; the stupidity of the present day shows itself in sheer deceit."

Legge XVII.16.

The Master said, 'In antiquity, the common people had three weaknesses, but today they cannot be counted on to have even these. In antiquity, in their wildness men were impatient of restraint; today, in their wildness they simply deviate from the right path. In antiquity, in being conceited, men were uncompromising; today, in being conceited, they are simply ill4empered. In antiquity, in being foolish, men were straight; today, in being foolish, they are simply crafty.'

Lau [17:16]

Le Maître dit : « Les Anciens étaient sujets a trois défauts, qui n'existent peut-être plus à présent1. L'originalité, du temps des Anciens, était liberté ; celle d'aujourd'hui est la licence. La fierté, du temps des Anciens, était intégrité ; celle d'aujourd'hui est la hargne. La naïveté, du temps des Anciens, était droiture ; celle d'aujourd'hui est la fourberie. »

1. Mais qui ont fait place à d'autres beaucoup plus graves.

Couvreur XVII.16.

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