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The Master discusses with his disciples and unveil his preoccupations with society. Tr. Legge (en), Lau (en) and Couvreur (fr).

Lunyu X. 5. (245)

Demeanor of Confucius when employed on a friendly embassy.
1. When he was carrying the scepter of his ruler, he seemed to bend his body, as if he were not able to bear its weight. He did not hold it higher than the position of the hands in making a bow, nor lower than their position in giving anything to another. His countenance seemed to change, and look apprehensive, and he dragged his feet along as if they were held by something to the ground.
2. In presenting the presents with which he was charged, he wore a placid appearance.
3. At his private audience, he looked highly pleased.

Legge X.5.

When he held the jade tablet, he drew himself in as though its weight was too much for him. He held the upper part of the tablet as though he was bowing; he held the lower part of the tablet as though he was ready to hand over a gift. His expression was solemn as though in fear and trembling, and his feet were constrained as though following a marked line. When making a presentation, his expression was genial. At a private audience, he was relaxed.

Lau [10:4]

Il tenait la tablette de jade de son prince1, le corps incliné, comme s'il n'avait pas la force de la soutenir ; il la levait comme pour saluer ; il l'abaissait comme pour en faire offrande. Il avait l'air d'un homme qui tremble de peur. Il levait à peine les pieds en marchant, comme s'il avait cherché à suivre les traces de quelqu'un. En offrant au prince étranger les présents rituels, il avait un air serein. En lui offrant ses propres présents dans une visite particulière, il se montrait encore plus affable.

1. Lorsque Confucius se présentait comme envoyé dans une cour étrangère.

Couvreur X.5.

5. a. Pada waktu membawa tanda titah, jalanNya membongkok seolah-olah tidak kuat membawanya. Pada waktu mengangkat tanda titah itu ke atas, nampak sebagai orang menghormat dengan Yu, dan pada waktu menurunkannya nampak sebagai orang menyerahkan sesuatu. Wajahnya juga nampak berubah penuh perhatian, tindakan kakiNya seolah-olah dibebani sesuatu.
b. Setelah menyerahkan tanda titah itu, baharulah wajahNya nampak tenang.
c. Pada waktu bertemu dengan raja di luar dinas, wajahNya nampak sangat senang.
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