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The Master discusses with his disciples and unveil his preoccupations with society. Tr. Legge (en), Lau (en) and Couvreur (fr).

Lunyu XV. 26. (417)

Instances of the degeneracy of Confucius's times.
The Master said, "Even in my early days, a historiographer would leave a blank in his text, and he who had a horse would lend him to another to ride. Now, alas! there are no such things."

Legge XV.25.

The Master said, 'I am old enough to have seen scribes who lacked refinement. Those who had horses would permit others to drive them. Nowadays, there are, I suppose, no longer such cases.'

Lau [15:26]

Le Maître dit : « Dans mon enfance, j'ai encore pu voir des historiographes qui n'écrivaient rien dont ils ne fussent certains, des hommes riches qui prêtaient à d'autres leurs chevaux. A présent on n'en voit plus1. »

1. Chaque prince avait des historiographes.

Couvreur XV.25.

Lun Yu XV. 26. (417) IntroductionTable of content
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Alias the Lunyu, the Lun Yü, the Analects, les Entretiens du maître avec ses disciples.

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