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The Master discusses with his disciples and unveil his preoccupations with society. Tr. Legge (en), Lau (en) and Couvreur (fr).

Lunyu VII. 29. (179)

The readiness of Confucius to meet approaches to him though made by the unlikely.
1. It was difficult to talk (profitably and reputably) with the people of Hû-hsiang, and a lad of that place having had an interview with the Master, the disciples doubted.
2. The Master said, "I admit people's approach to me without committing myself as to what they may do when they have retired. Why must one be so severe? If a man purify himself to wait upon me, I receive him so purified, without guaranteeing his past conduct."

Legge VII.28.

People of Hu Hsiang were difficult to talk -to. A boy was received and the disciples were perplexed. The Master said, 'Approval of his
coming does not mean approval of him when he is not here. Why should we be so exacting? When a man comes after having purified himself, we approve of his purification but we cannot vouch for his past.'

Lau [7:29]

Il était difficile de convaincre les habitants du Village de Hou. Un jeune homme de ce pays se présenta pour suivre les leçons de Confucius. Les disciples en furent étonnés. Le Maître dit : « Lorsque quelqu'un vient à moi après s'être purifié, je l'approuve, sans pour autant me faire garant de son passé ni de tout ce qu'il fera par la suite. Pourquoi donc serais-je si sévère ? »

Couvreur VII.28.

29. a. Orang-orang dari Hu-xiang sukar diajak bicara baik-baik. Suatu ketika anak-anak muda dari daerah itu ingin menjumpai Nabi, maka murid-murid merasa bimbang.
b. Nabi bersabda, "Aku hanya melihat bagaimana mereka datang, bukan apa yang akan mereka perbuat setelah berlalu. Mengapakah kamu bersikap keterlaluan ? Orang yang datang dengan sudah membersihkan diri ; Kuterima kebersihan dirinya itu tanpa Kupersoalkan apa yang telah pernah mereka perbuat pada waktu yang lalu".
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