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The Master discusses with his disciples and unveil his preoccupations with society. Tr. Legge (en), Lau (en) and Couvreur (fr).

Lunyu XIV. 5. (352)

Eminent prowess conducting to ruin; eminent virtue leading to dignity. The modesty of Confucius.
Nan-kung Kwo, submitting an inquiry to Confucius, said, "Î was skillful at archery, and Âo could move a boat along upon the land, but neither of them died a natural death. Yü and Chî personally wrought at the toils of husbandry, and they became possessors of the kingdom." The Master made no reply; but when Nan-kung Kwo went out, he said, "A superior man indeed is this! An esteemer of virtue indeed is this!"

Legge XIV.6.

Nan-kung K'uo asked Confucius, 'Both Yi who was good at archery and Ao who could push a boat over dry land met violent deaths, while Yu and Chi who took part in planting the crops gained the Empire.' The Master made no reply. After Nan-kung K'uo had left, the Master commented, 'How gentlemanly that man is! How he reveres virtue!'

Lau [14:5]

Nan Koung kouo dit à Confucius : « I était un archer très habile ; Ngao poussait à lui seul un navire sur la terre ferme. Tous deux1 ont péri de mort violente. Iu et Heou Tsi ont cultivé la terre de leurs propres mains ; cependant2, ils ont obtenu le monde. » Le Maître ne répondit pas ; mais, lorsque Nan Koung kouo se fut retiré, il dit de lui : « Voilà un homme honorable ; il met la Vertu au-dessus de tout. » Chouenn légua l'empire à Iu. Les descendants de Heou Tsi l'obtinrent à leur tour en la personne de Ou Wang, prince de Tcheou. (Tchou Hsi)

1. Malgré leur force et leur habileté.
2. Grâce à leur vertu.

Couvreur XIV.6.

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