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The oldest collection of Chinese poetry, more than three hundred songs, odes and hymns. Tr. Legge (en) and Granet (fr, incomplete).

Section I — Lessons from the states
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Chapter 3 — The odes of Bei

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Shijing I. 3. (34)

The gourd has [still] its bitter leaves,
And the crossing at the ford is deep.
If deep, I will go through with my clothes on ;
If shallow, I will do so, holding them up.

The ford is full to overflowing ;
There is the note of the female pheasant.
The full ford will not wet the axle of my carriage ;
It is the pheasant calling for her mate.

The wild goose, with its harmonious notes,
At sunrise, with the earliest dawn,
By the gentleman, who wishes to bring home his bride,
[Is presented] before the ice is melted.

The boatman keeps beckoning ;
And others cross with him, but I do not.
Others cross with him, but I do not ; –
I am waiting for my friend.

Legge 34

La courge a des feuilles amères,
le gué a de profondes eaux !
Aux fortes eaux, troussez les jupes !
soulevez-les, aux basses eaux !

C'est la crue au gué où l'eau monte !
c'est l'appel des perdrix criant !
L'eau monte et l'essieu ne s'y mouille !
perdrix crie, son mâle appelant !

L'appel s'entend des oies sauvages,
au point du jour, l'aube parue !
L'homme s'en va chercher sa femme,
Quand la glace n'est pas fondue !

Appelle ! appelle ! homme à la barque !
Que d'autres passent !... Moi, nenni !...
Que d'autres passent !... Moi, nenni !...
moi, j'attendrai le mien ami !

Granet L.

[Xref] Lunyu XIV. 39. quotes Shi Jing I. 3. (34)
gbog – Lunyu 386 – 2005/12/02
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