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The oldest collection of Chinese poetry, more than three hundred songs, odes and hymns. Tr. Legge (en) and Granet (fr, incomplete).

Section IV — Odes of the temple and the Altar
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Chapter 5 — Sacrificial odes of Shang

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Shijing IV. 5. (305)

Rapid was the warlike energy of [our king of] Yin,
And vigorously did he attack Jing-Chu.
Boldly he entered its dangerous passes,
And brought the multitudes of King together,
Till the country was reduced under complete restraint : –
Such was the fitting achievement of the descendant of Tang.

'Ye people, ' [he said], ' of Jing-chu,
Dwell in the southern part of my kingdom.
Formerly, in the time of Tang the Successful,
Even from the Jiang of Di,
They dared not but come with their offerings ;
[Their chiefs] dared not but come to seek acknowledgment : –
Such is the regular rule of Shang. '

Heaven has given their appointments [to the princes],
But where their capitals had been assigned within the sphere of the labours of Yu,
For the business of every year, they appeared before our king,
[Saying], ' Do not punish nor reprove us ;
We have not been remiss in our husbandry. '

When Heaven by its will is inspecting [the kingdom],
The lower people are to be feared.
[Our king] showed no partiality [in rewarding], no excess [in punishing] ;
He dared not to allow himself in indolence : –
So was his appointment [established] over the States,
And he made his happiness grandly secure.

The capital of Shang was full of order,
The model for all parts of the kingdom,
Glorious was his fame ;
Brilliant, his energy.
Long lived he and enjoyed tranquillity,
And so he preserves us, his descendants.

We ascended the hill of King,
Where the pines and cypresses grew symmetrical.
We cut them down, and conveyed them here ;
We reverently hewed them square.
Long are the projecting beams of pine ;
Large are the many pillars.
The temple was completed, – the tranquil abode [of his tablet].

Legge 305

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