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The Master discusses with his disciples and unveil his preoccupations with society. Tr. Legge (en), Lau (en) and Couvreur (fr).

Lunyu X. 25. (265)

Confucius in bed, at home, hearing thunder, &c.
[...] 2. When he saw any one in a mourning dress, though it might be an acquaintance, he would change countenance; when he saw any one wearing the cap of full dress, or a blind person, though he might be in his undress, he would salute him in a ceremonious manner.
3. To any person in mourning he bowed forward to the crossbar of his carriage; he bowed in the same way to any one bearing the tables of population.
4. When he was at an entertainment where there was an abundance of provisions set before him, he would change countenance and rise up.
5. On a sudden clap of thunder, or a violent wind, he would change countenance.

Legge X.16.

When he met a bereaved person in mourning dress, even though it was someone he was on familiar terms with, he invariably assumed a solemn expression. When he met someone wearing a ceremonial cap or someone blind, even though they were well-known to him, he invariably showed them respect.
On passing a person dressed as a mourner he would lean forward with his hands on the cross-bar of his carriage to show respect; he would act in a similar manner towards a person carrying official documents.
When a sumptuous feast was brought on, he invariably assumed a solemn expression and rose to his feet.
When there was a sudden clap of thunder or a violent wind, he invariably assumed a solemn attitude.

Lau [10:25]

[...] Lorsqu'il voyait un homme en deuil, fût-ce un ami intime, il prenait un air de compassion. Lorsqu'il voyait un homme en bonnet de cérémonie ou un aveugle, même en particulier, il ne manquait pas de lui donner une marque de respect. Lorsqu'il était en char, s'il voyait un homme en grand deuil, il s'inclinait jusqu'à la barre d'appui. S'il rencontrait un homme portant les tablettes du cens, il s'inclinait de la même manière. Quand on lui avait préparé un grand festin, il se levait et remerciait le maître de la maison. Quand le tonnerre grondait ou que le vent se déchaînait, il blêmissait.

Couvreur X.15.

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