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The Master discusses with his disciples and unveil his preoccupations with society. Tr. Legge (en), Lau (en) and Couvreur (fr).

Lunyu V. 11. (103)

Unbending virtue cannot co-exist with indulgence of the passions.
The Master said, "I have not seen a firm and unbending man." Some one replied, "There is Shan Ch'ang." "Ch'ang," said the Master, "is under the influence of his passions; how can he be pronounced firm and unbending?"

Legge V.10.

The Master said, 'I have never met anyone Who is truly unbending.'
Someone said, 'What about Shen Ch'eng?'
The Master said, 'Ch'eng is full of desires. How can he be unbending?'

Lau [5:11]

Le Maître dit : « Je n'ai pas encore vu un homme qui eût une fermeté d'âme inflexible. » Quelqu'un dit : « Chenn Tch'ang. » Le Maître répondit : « Tch'ang est l'esclave de ses passions ; comment aurait-il de la fermeté d'âme ? »

Couvreur V.10.

11. Nabi bersabda. "Aku belum pernah melihat orang yang benar-benar berkemauan keras". Ada orang berkata, "Shen Ching !"
Nabi bersabda, "Ching terlalu banyak keinginan. Bagaimana dapat berkemauan kears ?"
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Lun Yu V. 11. (103) IntroductionTable of content
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