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The Master discusses with his disciples and unveil his preoccupations with society. Tr. Legge (en), Lau (en) and Couvreur (fr).

Lunyu VII. 11. (161)

The attainments of Hûi like those of Confucius. The excessive boldness of Tsze-lû.
1. The Master said to Yen Yuan, "When called to office, to undertake its duties; when not so called, to lie retired;– it is only I and you who have attained to this."
2. Tsze-lû said, "If you had the conduct of the armies of a great state, whom would you have to act with you?"
3. The Master said, "I would not have him to act with me, who will unarmed attack a tiger, or cross a river without a boat, dying without any regret. My associate must be the man who proceeds to action full of solicitude, who is fond of adjusting his plans, and then carries them into execution."

Legge VII.10.

The Master said to Yen Yuan, 'Only you and I have the ability to go forward when employed and to stay out of sight when set aside.'
Tzu-lu said, 'If you were leading the Three Armies whom would you take with you?'
The Master said, 'I would not take with me anyone who would try to fight a tiger with his bare hands or to walk across the River and die in the process without regrets. If I took anyone it would have to be a man who, when faced with a task, was fearful of failure and who, while fond of making plans, was capable of successful execution.'

Lau [7:11]

Le Maître dit à Ien Iuen : « Toi et moi nous sommes les seuls qui soyons toujours disposés à remplir une charge, quand on nous l'offre, et à rentrer dans la vie privée, quand on nous la retire. » Tzeu lou dit : « Maître, si vous aviez trois légions à conduire, quel serait celui que vous prendriez pour vous aider ? » Le Maître répondit : « Je ne prendrais pas un homme qui serait disposé à saisir1 un tigre à mains nues, à traverser un fleuve sans barque, à braver la mort sans regrets. Je choisirais certainement un homme qui n'aborderait les situations qu'avec circonspection, et qui ne réussirait que par attachement à la stratégie. »

1. Cf Livre des Odes, n°195, 6' strophe.

Couvreur VII.10.

11. a. Nabi bersabda kepada Yan-yuan, "Kalau ada yang mau memakai, segera menjalankan ; kalau tiada yang mau memakai, dengan senang menyembunyikan diri. Hanya engkau dan Aku dapat melakukan ini."
b. Zi-lu bertanya, "Bila Guru memimpin pasukan, siapakah yang akan Guru pilih sebagai pembantu ?"
c. Nabi menjawab, "Kepada orang yang dengan tangan kosong berani melawan harimau, dengan tanpa alat berani menyeberangi bengawan, sekalipun binasa tidak merasa menyesal. Aku tidak akan memakainya. Orang yang Kupilih ialah : yang di dalam menghadapi perkara mempunyai rasa khawatir dan suka memusyawarahkan rencana, sehingga dapat berhasil di dalam tugasnya."
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