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The Master discusses with his disciples and unveil his preoccupations with society. Tr. Legge (en), Lau (en) and Couvreur (fr).

Lunyu VIII. 16. (204)

A lamentation over moral error added to natural defect.
The Master said, "Ardent and yet not upright, stupid and yet not attentive; simple and yet not sincere:– such persons I do not understand."

Legge VIII.16.

The Master said, 'Men who reject discipline and yet are not straight, men who are ignorant and yet not cautious, men who are devoid of ability and yet not trustworthy are quite beyond my understanding.'

Lau [8:16]

Le Maître dit : « L'ambition sans droiture, l'ignorance sans prudence, la naïveté sans bonne foi, cela dépasse mon entendement ! »

Couvreur VIII.16.

16. Nabi bersabda, "Seorang yang hanya berani dan tidak jujur, yang tidak cakap dan tidak hati-hati, yang tidak pandai dan tidak dapat dipercaya. Aku tidak tahu apa yang akan terjadi atas dirinya."
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Lun Yu VIII. 16. (204) IntroductionTable of content
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Alias the Lunyu, the Lun Yü, the Analects, les Entretiens du maître avec ses disciples.

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