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The Master discusses with his disciples and unveil his preoccupations with society. Tr. Legge (en), Lau (en) and Couvreur (fr).

Lunyu XIV. 16. (363)

The merit of Kwan Chung:– a conversation with Tsze-lû.
1. Tsze-lû said, "The duke Hwan caused his brother Chiû to be killed, when Shâo Hû died with his master, but Kwan Chung did not die. May not I say that he was wanting in virtue?"
2. The Master said, "The Duke Hwan assembled all the princes together, and that not with weapons of war and chariots:– it was all through the influence of Kwan Chung. Whose beneficence was like his? Whose beneficence was like his?"

Legge XIV.17.

Tzu-lu said, 'When Duke Huan had Prince Chiu killed, Shao Hu died for the Prince but Kuan Chung failed to do so.' He added, 'In that case, did he fall short of benevolence?' The Master said, 'It was due to Kuan Chung that Duke Huan was ab~, without a show of force, to assemble the feudal lords nine times. Such was his bene- volence. Such was his benevolence.'

Lau [14:16]

Tzeu lou dit : « Houan, prince de Ts'i, tua le prince Kiou1. Chao Hou ne voulut pas survivre au prince Kiou2. Kouan Tchoung ne se donna pas la mort. Il me semble que sa vertu d'humanité n'a pas été parfaite. » Le Maître répondit : « Le prince Houan rassembla neuf fois tous les princes feudataires, sans employer ni armes ni chariots de guerre ; ce fut l'œuvre de Kouan Tchoung. Quel autre fut aussi pleinement humain que lui ? »

1. Son frère puîné qui lui avait disputé la principauté. Parmi les partisans de Kiou étaient Chao Hou et Kouan Tchoung.
2. Il s'étrangla.

Couvreur XIV.17.

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