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The oldest collection of Chinese poetry, more than three hundred songs, odes and hymns. Tr. Legge (en) and Granet (fr, incomplete).

Section II — Minor odes of the kingdom
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Chapter 7 — Decade of Sand Hu

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Shijing II. 7. (215)

They flit about, the green-beaks,
With their variegated wings.
To be rejoiced in are these princes !
May they receive the blessing of Heaven !

They flit about, the green-beaks,
With their glancing necks.
To be rejoiced in are these princes !
They are screens to all the States.

These screens, these buttresses, –
All the chiefs will take them as a pattern.
Are they not self-restrained ? Are they not careful ?
Will they not receive much happiness ?

How long is that cup of rhinoceros ' horn !
Good are the spirits in it and soft.
While it passes round, they show no pride ;
All blessing must come to seek them.

Legge 215

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Alias Shijing, Shi Jing, Book of Odes, Book of Songs, Classic of Odes, Classic of Poetry, Livre des Odes, Canon des Poèmes.

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